Balancing Work, Side Projects, and Life

Balancing Work, Side Projects, and Life

It can be difficult to balance work, life, and the side projects you have so much invested in. I know from experience. Not only do I now have a Monday through Friday, 8:00-4:00 warehouse job, I’m also working on several personal projects, writing on three different blogs, cleaning and repairing apartments for the landlord, and trying to still have a life after all that. » Continue Reading

Why I Write A Personal Blog

Personal Blogging

When I started this blog, I was afraid that I would be writing about what I had for lunch. I was afraid that everything I wrote was going to be pointless, and nobody would want to read it. And so far, I’ve been right.

I haven’t had a single comment. I just setup Google Analytics, so I’m not even sure if I’ve had any visitors yet. So here I am in my own little world, blabbering away into the “blogosphere”, unaware if anybody is paying attention.

But I won’t let that stop me. » Continue Reading

My Weekly Planner (Free Download)

My Weekly Planner - Free Download

If you’re looking for a weekly planner, something to help your life be more efficient, then give this one a try. I created this planner to help organize my life, and keep it organized. It’s free, and available in three versions; a .pdf file you can instantly print out, and .ods (LibreOffice/ or .xls (Excel) so you can customize it the way you want. » Continue Reading