Goals for September 2014

Goals for September 2014

Welcome to my goals for September 2014 post.

On the first of every month I post the goals I want to achieve over the following weeks. I do this for two reasons.

First, I want to get the things I want to complete in writing. This is to help motivate me, and if I make it public, then that puts a little more accountability on me.

The second reason is so you can see what I’m capable of doing. I want the whole world to know what I think is achievable for myself, to prove that you can do the same thing.

If I can complete my goals, then you can, too!

August Goals Re-Visited

In August, I only set two goals, half of which did get completed.

The goal that wasn’t reached was to post once per week on this site. At the beginning, I was full of energy and I started writing a couple of posts. Unfortunately, towards the end of the moth I received the sad news that a close friend had passed away, and my motivation went out the window.

This has really made me realize how fragile life is, and that you never know how much time you have left on Earth. So I know that if I want to get things done, I need to do them now. There’s no time to waste.

Now on to the good news. My other goals was to get my first WordPress theme completed, and I did it… sort of. Right now, I think the theme is good enough to release, and you’ll see more about that below.

Alright, now let’s see what’s going to happen this month.

1. Post Twice A Week

Since I already have started a few posts that didn’t release last month, I’ve got a base for some good content. I’m really excited about getting these posts out there.

I’m going to keep Sunday as the day that I talk about writing and blogging. Even though I’m still new to blogging, I think that I have enough to say about it. Most of this is about determination and how to push through the hard times.

Then on Thursdays, I’ll be writing about something a little closer to my life and interests. This could be something my girlfriend and I do together and with lots of pictures. Or maybe I’ll write about what I’m most passionate about and how it has affected my life.

Either way, I will be posting more consistently and with better content.

2. Release ‘Flexile One’

I’m super excited about this. I’ve been working very hard to make a WordPress theme, and it’s finally ready to be released.

As of today, you can visit FlexileThemes.com and download my first WordPress theme, for free. It’s a very minimalist theme, and it’s meant for Tumblogging.

Although I have worked very hard on it, I know the theme still has a few problems. I’m going to be fixing these issues thoughout the month, and forever. The best way to make sure you have the most recent version is by signing up for the mailing list or following @FlexileThemes on Twitter.

3. Change This Sites Theme To ‘Flexile One’

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but this theme has changed a lot.

I keep changing it to find the perfect look, but I just can’t seem to get it down. But that’s going to change with Flexile One.

If I’m going to release a theme for the world to use, why wouldn’t I use it myself? I also think it’s going to be the perfect way to test out the theme myself, which means faster bug fixes.

4. Be More Active On Twitter

As of right now, I’m not the most social creature on the planet, in person or online.

I tend to just tweet out the most recent post I’ve written and setup a few scheduled tweets of other blogs’ posts.

From what I’ve read, that’s not the best way to market yourself. You need to engage with your followers, give them a reason to be following you.

So from now on, you’ll be seeing my profile picture a lot more in your feed. Hopefully you and I can have a meaningful conversation.

5. Get Finances In Order

This is a subject I really haven’t talked about on here.

I am horrible with budgeting and keeping my spending under control. I’m the type of person that looks at my current balance, and just spends whatever I want. I don’t keep track of anything, and a lot of times my money is spent before the bills get paid.

I’ve had to borrow money from my parents almost every other week, just to have enough gas to get to work. I’m sick of it, and I know they are sick of me borrowing from “The Bank of Mommy and Daddy”.

My girlfriend and I make enough money that we can easily get through the week. We just tend to be lazy about dinner, and spend a lot of money on dining out. We also love to buy material things that really provide no improvement to our lives.

So once we figure out what our budget should be, things should be easier on us… and our parents will like us more.

Wrapping This Up

This month I’ve set five goals, and it’s going to be a lot of hard work. Most of these aren’t really even goals, but necessities.

After the rough moments August brought us this year, we have realized that we need to prioritize aspects of our lives that we’ve overlooked.

I know that when I achieve these goals, the quality of my life will improve beyond what I can imagine.

And please, don’t be shy to comment below and show your support. Let me know about rough times in your life, and what you’ve done to overcome them.

It’s OK To Take Breaks From Blogging

It's OK To Take Breaks From Blogging

Have you ever felt like you’re completely burnt out? You just don’t have the energy to do anything that you really don’t have to do.

Sometimes, even simple things like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, or (*gasp*) blogging can feel like the world’s biggest burdens.

That’s how I’ve felt the last few months. Up until the beginning of this month, I haven’t really been on this site since January. I feel terrible, because writing is something I was really starting to enjoy, but then it started to look like I’d given up.

Continue Reading

There will be no posting this week. I am trying really hard to get the first Flexile theme done, which is almost ready. I also have a funeral to attend this week, and have been in a state of shock lately.

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into what this blog should be from now on. I haven’t completed decided what’s going to happen, but I know I will be documenting my journey to being who I want to be.

I have a feeling this site is going to be completely different. Stick with me through this tough time.